The VSATPlus family of satellite terminals provides a full mesh, hubless network with no single point of failure and offers the greatest ease of network configuration and expansion. VSATPlus II terminal provides circuit switched connectivity utilizing Voice, Data, E1 and Data interface cards.

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VSATPlus 3

Full mesh IP connectivity

Fully integrated services in a single platform The VSATPlus 3 terminal is based on TDMA with frequency hopping (FHOP). Taking advantage of both time domain and frequency domain access methods,. Read more


Circuit switch

The VSATPlus II indoor unit provides the interface points for customer communication equipment and performs the signal processing required for communication via a geosynchronous satellite. Read more


Star IP connectivity.

FlexiDAMA based SCPC DAMA VSAT networking system is capable of providing a wide variety of satellite based communications services in an extremely cost-efficient manner. FlexiDAMA systems use satellites to provide wireless Read more


VSAT Communication Equipment & Solutions