GSM Solutions over Satellite

As cellular networks evolve and expand, there is an increasing demand from usersgsm

to have ubiquitous coverage. To satisfy these needs, service providers must deploy

equipment into ever more challenging areas.

Difficulties facing the operators can include;

  1. Remote/Rural Areas. To service remote areas, it is often economically unfeasible to provide backhaul facilities (BTS to BSC) via terrestrial lines (fiber/microwave).
  2. Time to deploy. Terrestrial build-outs can take years to plan and implement.
  3. Areas of ‘minor’ interest. These can include small isolated centers such as tourist resorts, islands, mines, oil exploration sites, hydro-electric facilities, etc.
  4. Temporary Coverage. Special events, even in urban areas, can overload the existing infrastructure.

This paper presents the advantages of using satellite-based solutions to augment traditional terrestrial infrastructure in supporting the build-out of cellular networks.



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