Air Traffic Control


AirtrafficcontrolNavigation Aeronav International, a technology manufacturer and contractor in the field of navigational aids and aeronautical telecommunications, has chosen PolarSat as its provider of a complete VSATPlus family of satellite communications equipment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This initial network links six airports (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Mbuji-Mayi, Mbandaka, Ilebo, Kamina). All points are set up to support voice communications (ATC controllers to ATC controllers and ATC controllers to pilots via VHF radios) and data communications (AFTN messaging, Intranet LAN). All of these services will use a standard frame relay protocol. The network will be expanded to more than 15 stations.

SCT Seneam, Mexico’s airspace navigation service, continues to upgrade its satellite communications network, utilizing the VSATPlus family of satellite communications equipment. Seneam’s network links all the major airports in Mexico, among them Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, Mazatlán and Cancun. All points are set up for transmission of radar information, telecommunication with pilots via VHF radio, as well as the transmission of data, fax and telephony.

The VSATPlus family of satellite terminals provides a full mesh, hubless network with no single point of failure and offers the greatest ease of network configuration and expansion. VSATPlus II terminal provides circuit switched connectivity utilizing Voice, Data, E1 and Data interface cards. While the VSATPlus 3 provides a single IP interface with built in Quality of Service to support the different application service levels. VSATPlus family of terminals supports the most demanding network applications including high quality voice, low and high-speed data, video conferencing and fax - all in a single low-cost, integrated platform. The VSATPlus family is the most cost-effective satellite communications solution for multi-line and/or multi-application networks in the world.



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