Mobile Station


mobile1PolarSat offers a fully integrated high performance mobile station based on utility vehicles of your choice. The mobile station fully equipped can transmit and receive high quality live video, transmit up to 2Mb IP dataand several voice channels. Basic equipment for transmission and reception of live video includes one professional digital camera equipped with a zoom lens 14X and accessories, one MPEG II video encoder with a DVB modulator, one BISS encryption unit, one DVB demodulator / MPEG II decoder with a built in BISS decryption module. Additional equipment can be supplied to provide custom functionality for IP base applications or emergency telephony services.


For example the following equipment can be provided for a high performance video application: Equipment includes one PAL sync and test signal generator, one Dual TBC/Frame Synchronizer PAL, one NTSC/PAL waveform/vector rasterizer, one Custom patch panel for RF and A/V monitoring, one Trinitron 14” color monitor, four Trinitron 9” color monitor, three video distribution amplifiers, three video/sub carrier distribution amplifiers, one YC to Composite analog encoder, one 4 channel mono broadcast mixer, one stereo audio monitor amplifier speaker system, two output mono audio distribution amplifiers , one professional digital video tape recorder (VTR1) and one VHS video tape recorder (VTR2).


This equipment is integrated into three standard 19 inch racks. The equipment gives the flexibility of selecting different video/audio sources for recording on the VTR1 and for transmitting over the satellite. Three 9” monitors allow simultaneous monitoring of the camera output, VTR1/VTR2 outputs and IRD signal received from the satellite. The fourth 9” monitor serves as a preview monitor the signals pre-selected for the transmission. The 14” video monitor displays the signal being transmitted over the satellite.


Three four pole push button switches permit routing of video/audio signals. The first switch “Preview” allows preview of the signal from the camera, VTR1, Videoconference or Test Signal before transmission over satellite. The second switch allows routing of the signal from the camera, VTR1, Videoconference or Test Signal to the MPEG-2 Encoder. The third switch is used to select the signal source for recording. VTR2 is provided to allow conversion of digital videotapes to VHS format.



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