Oil and Gas Exploration


Satellite telecommunications answers the call

oil_drillingReliable, cost-effective communications is a must in any industry. Oil and gas exploration is no exception.With drilling sites frequently situated in the middle of the ocean, desert or other equally inaccessible location, a well thought out satellite telecommunications infrastructure can be the answer where more traditional methods of communication are either too costly or inadequate.

Answering the need for reliable, low-cost communications

Powerful, low-cost VSAT (very small aperture terminal) earth stations have opened remote areas of the world to instant telecommunications. This technology enables governments and businesses to have access to the latest communications services, those that support voice, data and the Internet from remote locations, without being hampered by inadequate terrestrial infrastructure. VSAT networks can be deployed rapidly – usually within a few days. Once the network is operational, remote sites can be deployed or re-deployed in two weeks and at minimal cost. Furthermore, the use of satellite communications allows bandwidth to be applied to match the applications’ requirements. These inherent features make VSAT communication very attractive for applications such as oil and gas drilling.



VSAT Communication Equipment & Solutions