FlexiDAMA overview

FlexiDAMA based SCPC DAMA VSAT networking system is capable of providing a wide variety of satellite based communications services in an extremely cost-efficient manner. FlexiDAMA systems use satellites to provide wireless connectivity between terminals geographically dispersed over a wide region. FlexiDAMA uses SCPC-DAMA (single channel per carrier - demand assigned multiple access) satellite access technology to provide full mesh circuit and packet switched connectivity with dynamic in-circuit bandwidth-on-demand to provide maximum flexibility and bandwidth efficiency. User applications serviced by FlexiDAMA systems can range from simple telephone connectivity to complex intelligent data services such as LAN/WAN and Internet access and broadcast applications like video-conferencing and tele-education.

SkyIP is a low cost FlexiDAMA terminal option for remote sites when a single IP or serial data connection is required. It integrates the satellite modem and router/bridge function to provide a very low cost unit. SkyIP units provide both SCPC DAMA and BoD to efficiently use satellite bandwidth and reduce operating costs. When a remote site needs more than a single carrier, FlexiDAMA Units (FDUs) provide multiple SCPC carriers as needed.

With the FlexiDAMA, PolarSat offers customers a flexible networking solution that:

  1. Utilizes cost-effective initial capital investment
  2. Minimizes space segment lease costs
  3. Reduces expenses during expansion
  4. Supports a shared hub station and sub-network: The unique design of the modular FlexiDAMA architecture not only supports easy network expansion but also offers an integrated network of physically independent sub-networks with a shared hub. Each sub-network can be assigned a separate computer to support the DAMA call processing functions of that particular sub-network. Intra sub-network communication can be authorized or prohibited by the network manager at the Network Controle Center (NCC) This results in a cost effective initial capital investment.
  5. Provides Data DAMA: The Data Channel Unit (DCU) provides DAMA operation for IP traffic based on the input buffer pointer. If there is no data in the buffer, the carrier is taken down. The carrier is reactivated after data enters the buffer or data reaches the carrier activation pointer position in the buffer. This provides an extremely efficient use of the space segment, and lowers overall operational costs.
  6. Provides bandwidth on demand (BoD): The IP traffic interface also manages the transmission bandwidth so as to provide more bandwidth if the input buffer pointer reaches the bandwidth expansion buffer pointer, provided additional satellite bandwidth is available.

Star/Mesh Overlay

In a Star/Mesh overlay, some of the nodes operate as a Star network, and the remaining nodes operate as a Mesh network. Within the FlexiDAMA system, a remote station may be at the same time part of the Star network and part of the Mesh network. In such a station, certain services can be connected to an Data Channel Unit (DCU) that is assigned to the Star network and that transmits all its traffic to the hub station, while other interface modules and associated modems are operated as part of the Mesh network from the remotes to the regional hubs.

Multiple Satellites

The NMS supports multiple satellites as well as multiple transponders. Each transponder requires at least one FEP. The system can be configured with up to eight different satellite transponders.



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