VSATPlus 3 Network

Typical Gateway Node

Fully integrated services in a single platform The VSATPlus 3 terminal is based on TDMA with frequency hopping (FHOP). Taking advantage of both time domain and frequency domain access methods, the VSATPlus 3 allows users to support multiple services such as data, voice, and videoconferencing in one simple, integrated IP transport platform.

Typical Carrier / Network Node


The single VSATPlus 3 platform integrates with IP based routing and user equipment allowing for a more reliable,flexible, and economical solution. Hubless, full mesh operation within a single satellite hop. The VSATPlus 3 is based on a flexible architecture that supports various network topologies including star, full mesh, hybrid, or any combination of these.
The VSATPlus 3 architecture eliminates the need for costly central hub equipment and improves call quality by transferring information over single satellite hops.



PolarSat's IP support provides a powerful and cost-effective solution to corporations, governments, and service providers who need to interconnect locations via a satellite-based backbone. The Ethernet Interface supports industry-standard IP. Corporate users are provided a single transport mechanism that can carry all user traffic such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, while providing mesh (peer-to-peer) communications among all sites within the network.



Satellite bandwidth is allocated through committed information rate (CIR), excess information rate (EIR), and Quality of Service (QoS) definitions, and optimized using dynamic bandwidth allocation (BoD) techniques, thereby minimizing recurring communications network costs. This approach provides user traffic with guaranteed bandwidth and the ability to request additional bandwidth from the network. VSATPlus 3 provides the virtual LAN in the sky with the satellite bandwidth resource shared among all users.





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