“This is an important milestone that the BAY-SAT and PolarSat team has achieved for this very important ATC customer.  BAY-SAT’s commitment to details and project planning combined with the proven technology partner PolarSat provides our customers with a complete solution to their Air Traffic Control (ATC) needs”, said Joachim Haberecht-Kaiser, CEO of BAY-SAT.

The Sudanese ATC network commissioning consisted of multiple remote sites and Air Traffic Control (ATC) master control station all connected in a full mesh all-IP based network.  The VSAT network was configured as a fully redundant network to the fiber optic network provides backbone connectivity for a complex mix of voice and data communications including VHF Extended Range, Hot Lines, Radar, AMHS, ADS-B, metrological data, Intranet, Internet and general corporate internal communications.   “The Civil Aviation Authority of Sudan is happy with the excellent collaboration with the BAY-SAT/PolarSat team that lead to the successful project implementation.”, said Khadeer Elemam Ahmed, CAA’s  Director of  Systems and Maintenance Engineering .

Jian Zhang, PolarSat’s Lead System Engineer said, “In addition to the performing the NAT, PolarSat provided both factory and hands on training for the SCAA systems and maintenance engineering team.  We integrated the VSATPlus®3 IP VSAT with the existing non-IP based ATC equipment while providing a native IP backbone for new applications and equipment”.

The VSATPlus®3 family of terminals provides a full mesh, hubless network with no single point of failure and offers the greatest ease of network configuration and expansion. It supports the most demanding network applications including high quality voice, low and high-speed data, video conferencing and fax - all in a single low-cost, integrated platform.


PolarSat Inc. is a privately-held company focused on the development and manufacture of satellite communications terminal equipment and systems. The VSATPlus®3 family of terminals provides hubless mesh connectivity that is easy to expand.  The VSATPlus®3  product line continues PolarSat’s 25+ years of satellite modem experience to continue to provide a robust and reliable MF-TDMA, full mesh, hubless product.For additional information on the VSATPlusTM MF-TDMA product line please contact PolarSat at www.polarsat.com or call us at +1 514 635 0040.



BAY-SAT Engineering & Technologie GmbH is a system integrator and project management company for customised engineering solutions basing on advanced technologies, offering its services "made in Germany" since 1995. BAY-SAT is acting globally but with special focus on Northern Africa and Asia, ensuring reliable and flexible project management on site.  


For further information, please check our website www.bay-sat.com. 



The Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is a unique resource of 400 people with expertise in every sector of aviation in this country – from safety and airspace management to economics and consumer protection.


The New Air Navigation Center - a Landmark of Sudan Airspace 

SCAA is focused on improving air traffic services to cope with the great development in the aviation industry. It is obvious that the international air transport is increasing continuously, a fact that led aviation industry to care for developing its services. Within this context came the idea of constructing a sophisticated air navigation center in Khartoum to provide air navigation services not only for Sudan, but also for the African and Middle East region. SCAA is committed to develop and administer policies, regulations and services in order to promote and maintain the highest possible level of safety and quality in civil aviation activities and related environment. SCAA is also responsible for the planning and regulation of all Sudan airspace including navigation, communications and surveillance infrastructure to support safe and efficient operations.   The needs of all users are accommodated, as far as possible, with regard to enhanced safety as well as environmental, economic and national security considerations. The center was established with such specifications to provide the best air navigation services and equipped with modern equipment to cope with the international development and to meet ICAO Standards.

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      Ron  Mankarious


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